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My name is Evrile Poche. I am not a writer by all means, but being that I am constantly finding ways to become better and successful, I figured that maybe I could share my knowledge, thoughts and experiences through blogging and podcasting. My life has not been the easiest, but with time I have come to learn that everything in life, good or bad, happens for a reason. I am grateful for every experience I've been through because they have helped shape me and helped me become the strong woman I am today. Many thought that because of my past choices I was destined for nothing but failure. And for a while, I bought into that notion that I had messed up my life and there was no coming back for me. But as I continued to search and find my purpose, I realized that I had acquired the wrong philosophy and approach to life from the wrong people. It was at this point I realized that, in order for me to become the great woman God destined me to be, I had to completely change my attitude and philosophy towards life. With that change, I became more aware of who I am and my purpose in life. I was able to gain more courage to go through life challenges with my head up high because at the end of the day, I knew what I was working towards, and unlike before, I had faith in myself that I can achieve anything my heart desires.


Hence, I begun on this journey of personal development and along the way I have met people who've been through tough times and have given up hope. And somehow, after talking to many, I have been credited for giving hope to many who had lost hope. 


Over the years, as I have shared my story with many, everyone seems to think that I can be able to inspire many people who seem to have lost hope. Starting a blog has always been on my mind, but I always questioned my writing skills. I guess that has been the excuse I gave myself for not doing this sooner. But one thing I have learnt in life is that, we need to learn how to live life without giving excuses. Excuses only hold us back from achieving our greater purpose. And with that said, I am putting aside every excuse in the book, and embarking on this blogging/podcasting journey.

I hope that you will find this blog and my podcast inspiring and I hope that just like I have done, you will start by living your life without giving excuses. We were all born to achieve greatness. But in order to achieve the greatness we desire; we have to be willing to work and make the necessary changes in our lives that will align us with our goals and dreams.


My prayer for you is that you will find all the joy, happiness and abundance this life has to offer. 



Evrile Poche


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